Towards a new level of Quality

We are specialized in the introduction of lean thinking and methodology to establish innovations in the ways of working of European based companies.

We work across a wide range of industries with the philosophy that there is always a better way to do things whether this is in a factory, logistics centre, back office or call centre. We work side by side with you to define and implement that better way, guiding you through the resistance and technical issues raised by any transformation.

Having helped a number of SMEs through Generational Change, we are well equipped to help the generations to reduce the gap between them to ensure that the company is in great shape to thrive and be handed on to yet another generation.

Meet Our Team

Of course, everyone has a multidisciplined team, and we are no different in this. What we believe distinguishes us as a team, is the fact that we are truly experimental in our outlook. We constantly challenge each other and encourage individuals and the team to take risks and make mistakes at our own expense, to allow us to offer you the very best consultancy.

Andrea Papoff
Andrea PapoffSenior Partner
Leader of complex projects over the past twenty years including the floating of an Italian company on the Stock Exchange, the generation of EU recognized best practices in the introduction of technology and new working practices. Over the past ten years concentrated on the improvement of SMEs and financial institutions through the empowerment of frontline workers. Able to generate empathy at all levels and maintain targets AND relationships. Constantly looking for challenges to improve (himself & others) and generate further best practices for dissemination.
Jorgen Rossini
Jorgen RossiniSenior Consultant
Over 30 years of experience in consulting and project management in private and public sectors. The “noble art of managing upwards” gives more insight than the ordinary “managing downwards”. Keen observer and highly skilled analizer of complex situations, specialised in dealing with loosely connected groups of companies and stakeholders. An excellent source of consolidated wisdom combined with profound knowledge of the latest research.
Steve Williams
Steve WilliamsSenior Consultant
Experienced Project and Change Manager in a wide range of environments. Able to communicate across a broad range of cultures and social strata. Change embracer looking for continual improvement and able to generate trust amongst peers and stakeholders. Methodological approach to work processes governed by a desire for lean, effective solutions. Systems thinker – deal with the cause, not the symptom. Highly adaptable in new environments and able to hit the ground running.
Andrea Speziale
Andrea SpezialeConsultant
Adores finding solutions. Excellent listener and definer of problems. Works closely together with internal and external clients to first find a working solution to an immediate difficulty and then devise the long-term fix. Generator of empathy which ensures approachability even for the least technological people on a project. Technical expertise includes Business Intelligence Analysis, Data Analysis, Web Development.