At times we often feel overwhelmed by situations which seem extremely complex, so complex that we feel we cannot really affront them in a logical, directed manner. However, not dealing with these issues will have consequences. The BIG Picture is a service which provides a fundamental first step in confronting the issues, by helping the participants define what actions can be carried out immediately and what further questions need to be answered in the near future.


Extremely rapid deployment

Concrete tangible results

Generation of spirit of unity


Ensuring all key players are available and committed to the workshop

Top level sponsorship

Generation of an open/transparent environment where thoughts and ideas can be shared freely


Given the rapidity and effort required, in a short space of time, the team is able to produce:

  • Gantt of the actions which are necessary to move forward with the issues identified
  • Report including advised next steps from a strategical point of view


#1 Definition of context and key questions to be answered

  • Working with Director and other First Line management as appropriate, the current main issues are defined together with the key questions to be addressed. In addition, the necessary participants for the workshop are identified.

#2 Workshop

  • A 1 & 1/2 day workshop is held with the defined participants who address the set questions and work towards the creation of a physical Gantt for the actions and events necessary to deal with the issues.

#3 Presentation Report

  • The report produced post workshop is presented face to face to the Leadership involved in the definition phase.