We all know the frustration that can be associated with getting consensus amongst key stakeholders when facing a major shift to the ways of working. This may well be compounded by consolidated working habits and assumptions which have been accumulated over the years. Company Empowerment Roadmap is a tool which helps to get important players to reflect both individually and collectively about where exactly the company finds itself and where it would like to go.


Balance between depth of analysis and rapidity

Eases compliance with norms

Empowerment of different levels of resources


Top level sponsorship

A current and present challenge for the organisation

Organisation with a need to comply to defined standards either internal or external (ISO, HACCP etc)


At each stage of the project there are milestone outputs which prepare those involved for the successive phases

#1  Executive Project

#2 Technical & Managerial Competence Maps

#3 HSE Compliance Report

#4 Final Report

  • Greater strategic capacity and more visioning
  • Increased value for end client


#1 Definition of Project Scope

  • Careful examination of the vision and mission of the organisation, department or team with Key Leaders
  • First Line management analysis of product lines

#2 Management Thinking

  • Assessment of key players following One on One Meetings

#3 System

  • Productive Process Assessment carried out on Product Lines defined at step #1 For each Product Line two 1 Day workshops involving Key Stakeholders
  • Based on information gathered, a project for reaching compliance with any relevant norms to be respected is defined

#4 Company Empowerment Roadmap

Based on all the above analyses the Company Empowerment Roadmap is published with particular attention paid to:

  • Management Thinking
  • System
  • Performance